Thursday, September 20, 2012

today's embarrassing food story brought to you by zaxby's

today at work, i had lunch duty. this happens every thursday. i didn't bring a lunch to eat, which happens almost every thursday. i also had a meeting, so sweet debe picked up a zaxby's zalad for me.

anyone else feel dumb reading "zalad?" 'cause i sure did typing it. but for the sake of continuity and brand recognition, i'll continue it throughout this post.

after my delicious and surprisingly filling blackened blue zalad, complete with two pieces of texas toast, i went to our break room to throw away my scraps. because no one likes a front desk that smells like warm lettuce and cheese. that, and every trash can in our entire office (like, twelve) is not actually a trash can, but rather a wastebasket, which is very limiting space-wise.

of course, someone else had been to zaxby's, and their zalad container was hogging the entire trash can. so i had to crouch down by the tiny trash to rearrange so i could fit my zalad container in there.

i mentioned the texas toast, right? two pieces? well, i only ate one of them.

as i was crouching, with my zalad bowl in hand and that second piece of butter-soaked white bread toast bound for the dumpster, i had a change of heart. i couldn't let it go - i needed to eat that second piece. i then proceeded to wolf it down, still crouching next to the trash in our break room at work. four bites, one gulp, no shame. the whole thing took less than one minute.

at this point in the story, i'd like to point out the toast never entered the trash. it was entirely contained in plastic, until it wasn't.

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